My name is Nes Chavanu I am 35 years old and I live in the Netherlands in a town called Eersel with my girlfriend Wendy and my dog Ollie. In 2009 I went backpacking in Australia and spend 1,5 year traveling and working there. One of my main goals was to find out what I wanted in life and what I loved to do. This was not easy but I noticed some things were always returning to me and made me smile over and over again when I was on the road or just
chilling by myself. These things were Music and art, As I am a really creative person I like to express myself in different kind of ways and in Australia this was through drawing while listening to music, these things go hand in hand for me. Music and art have been able to help me in all kind of ways so I was determined to dedicate my life to music and art. I wanted to study it, make it and share it with others. When I made up my mind it was time to go back home and get to work!
This is what I still do until this day, I dedicate my life to make music and art in the best possible form for myself and others. Because of the world has turned more digital over the years after my trip in 2009 I have taking my artwork to the digital space in the form of digital artworks, Photography, filmography and graphic designing. As much as I love listening to music I wanted to make it by myself so I started to make music on the computer in my home studio that I have build over the years and started taking piano lessons. In 2020 I went back to school for a full year at Sound Education Nederland to further study Music Production and Audio Engineering and graduated in 2021! In 2021 on the 19th of June I have started my own company called Nestination were I provide creative content solutions for other people's products and services. As I love sitting behind my computer in my studio doing creative work I also really love connecting with other people and their businesses and brands, this way I can really feel the atmosphere and have that real connection that will inspire me even more for the creative process in my home studio!

My Mission statement:
My mission is helping others to get the best high quality professional looking and sounding content for their products and services so that they can spend their time on what they do best, my business is to help your business. 
My Vision Statement:
My vision is to share my view on the world of today through creative content creations to help others reaching the professional feel for their products and services that they are after. Let me help you to tell your story!
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